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Tips To Maintain Motivation When Feeling Depressed

Depression is a very common mental health struggle. It's estimated that 6.2% (a whopping 16.2 million people) in the United States experienced a severe depressive episode in the year 2016 alone.

It can have many effects on the person dealing with it, and can come in short or long-lasting spans of time. It is very common for people suffering from depression to withdraw, and keep themselves away from the things and people they love. It eats away at your motivation, which in turn can promote the cycle of depressed feelings!

So how do we get out of that loop? A key ingredient is to set small, therefore manageable, tasks or goals. As you continue to meet these small goals, they will continue to build and eventually your larger goals will be reached! Below we will touch base on good jumping-off points to get you started.

Get out of bed and change your clothes.

The first step to having a positive day is to get out of bed. Some days it can be really hard to do, and I understand that! But it's important to also understand the natural effects that movement and blood flow have on your body, and your brain. Getting your blood pumping is important for your body to wake up at the beginning of the day, and changing clothes/showering will help refresh you. Even if you cannot muster the strength to wash your body, standing under the water will provide natural serotonin boosts that can help spark your small task-list.

Go for a walk/sit outside

Exercising releases endorphins, which are those feel-good hormones swimming around in your brain. If you can, working out for 35 minutes, 5 times a week can improve mild to moderate depression symptoms. If you have a busier schedule, or simply are not a 'working out' kind of person, going outside and sitting in the sun/soaking in the wind and smells can boost your endorphins! It can also help you clear your headspace so that you can make room for your goals.