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Boundaries: What they are, and why they're so important

Setting boundaries in life is extremely important. It defines how we treat others, how we allow ourselves to be treated, and the experiences we are, and are not, willing to go through. Boundaries are defined as the limits/rules that we set for ourselves, but often times folks have a different opinion of the word. Seeing their boundaries as good, when really they're brick walls - or believing that boundaries promote unkindness.

The reality is that healthy boundaries are the basis for all successful relationships. Without having set boundaries for yourself, and for your communication with others, relationships can slip into unchecked feelings of resentment, violation, and disappointment. This can lead to unwanted behaviors - completely cutting off ties from your relationships, or needing them so much you cannot function without them. This distance between the assumption of what boundaries are, and what they actually are, causes a lot of us to never see the benefits.

What are healthy boundaries?

Healthy boundaries come from within. It happens when you know yourself, what you want and deserve, and have the power to use your voice to speak about those things. Everyone has limits, and those limits are often times the same as your boundaries.

Normally, the people around you aren't trying to test your limits - but they don't know what those limits are in the first place. This can come from being unclear with others, or yourself, about what it is you want or need. There are many different types of boundaries to maintain, and it is important to address those boundaries - with yourself, and also with the relationships around you.

Emotional Boundaries

Emotional boundaries revolve around respecting each others feelings and energies. When setting your emotional boundaries, consider the amount of energy you are willing to receive, as well as the amount you are willing to expend. This can be seen in knowing what to share, when