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Mental health matchmaker
you can trust

Send HEPi is a mental health matchmaker dedicated to eliminating the stressful process of finding therapy.

Find your happiness with Send HEPi

"Every light is a way of hope"


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We live in a busy world that is evolving fast and things can be overwhelming-

Even finding therapy!

We crave convenience but often times, we're missing connection.

When finding therapy, we may find ourselves to be...

"H"esitant - Should I start therapy?                                 

"E"motionally Challenged - Am I ready to open up?      

"P"rideful or Professional - I'm busy but need therapy.

"i"ntroverted - I feel too shy to express myself .            

All of us share a same goal- to be happy!

Let Send HEPi send happiness!

Send HEPi is here to find professionals best suited for you by targeting your needs, price,

and of course, time.

Searching to improve yourself shouldn't be difficult.

That's why you need Send HEPi, the mental health matchmaker!

the process

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Turnaround time

why choose us

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